Propst Construction was incorporated in 1939 with a North Carolina Heavy/Highway contractor’s license of #1323 making the Company one of the oldest continually operating contractors in the state. This 3rd generation business spans over 74 years in operation. The original founders, Mr. J.W. Propst along with his brother and business partner, Mr. Carl A. Propst, began Propst Construction as an offshoot of Propst Transport Company. The transport company operated as a new car transport business hauling cars out of Detroit, Michigan with hauling rights to haul Chrysler products into North Carolina. The brothers envisioned growth of motorized transportation and their participation in the building of North Carolina’s roadway infrastructure.

The Company began in the construction industry by grading and paving farm-to-market roads throughout the state. As the primary road system began to develop, the Company ventured out as a full service provider of highway construction services for the NCDOT. As the Eisenhower interstate program flourished during the 1960s, Propst Construction participated in the building of a great many miles of the interstate highway system throughout North Carolina. This began our reputation as one of the leading fine grade and base preparation contractors in the region.

By the late 1960s and early 1970s, the 2nd generation of owners, Mr. James L. Propst and his partner, Mr. Dewitt P. Hodges, began their tenure as leaders of the Company. Under their management, the Company continued to adapt to the needs of North Carolina by expanding into utility construction, and becoming a more integrated prime highway contractor by incorporating hot mix asphalt manufacturing. Looking at future growth of infrastructure in the Carolinas, Propst Construction became a leader in the use of state-of-the-art fine grade technology and the introduction of the state’s first drum mix asphalt plant, the current standard of modern asphalt production.

During the early to middle 1990s the Company faced the challenges of adapting to an ever changing construction industry and business climate. Difficult corporate decisions were made in an effort to determine what role the Company would play within the industry. Changes in operations were made to right-size the Company and focus on its corporate strengths. It was determined that our greatest asset was our human resources and their ability to solve problems and adapt quickly to changes in technology and the construction industry.

In the current era, Propst Construction continues to look toward a bright and promising future.

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