Full Depth Asphalt Reclamation

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Full depth asphalt reclamation (FDR) is a technique in which an existing deteriorated asphalt pavement and a portion of the underlying soil materials are uniformly pulverized and blended to form a stabilized base course. Additional stabilization may be obtained by introducing a stabilizing agent such as portland cement or lime. Traditional methods, which may include removal of existing pavement, identification of poor subgrade, undercut and the importation of select material prior to resurfacing, are taken out of the equation. By addressing the entire pavement section, load-bearing capability is increased and deficient cross sections are corrected during the grading operation to enhance proper drainage. By utilizing previously purchased materials as the new base, substantial savings can be realized while meeting environmental goals. In general, when a road or asphalt lot requires more than 15%–20% asphalt patching, the FDR process becomes the most cost-effective option for reconstruction. In most instances, the FDR process with an asphalt overlay reduces the overall cost versus conventional reconstruction by 25%–35%. Equipped with the latest in GPS technology and modern, up-to-date equipment, our employees are prepared to take on the most difficult projects.

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shutterstock_120320584 “Propst Construction has provided a superior end product through high quality construction management with a commitment to focusing on the details. In our line of work we must ensure value to the tax payer while ensuring affected property owners and motorists are impacted as little as possible. In every situation Propsts has not only been the most cost effective but also the most customer service driven.”

–Doug Barrick, City Manager, City of Claremont